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Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills

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Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills

There is a lot to learn when it comes to photography. Perhaps it can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be. Having a good skill set is worth it as it will be reflected in the photographs you can take It’s not about knowing everything there is to know straight away-the more advanced skills will come in time. It’s better to not run before you can walk, as they say. Learn all the basics first, then you will be well-equipped to move onto the more complicated techniques. With this said, here are some tips to improve your photography skills:

Shoot Often 

Practice is one of the best ways to learn, so the more you do it the better. Take photographs as much as you can, every day if possible. You don’t have to keep thinking up different places to visit, consider the places you go through on your normal routine, there will be something worth photographing along the way! And shooting in different conditions (such as weather and time of day) will allow you to practice a great variety of shots and techniques.

Fully Learn Your Device

No matter the type of camera or phone you are going to be shooting with, it pays to know everything there is to about your device. It depends on the person, but it can be helpful to fully read a manual and take in all it has to say. Other people may rather learn their device inside out by playing around with it and testing out all of its features thoroughly. Further help can be gained from books, photography magazines and of course video sharing websites like YouTube. It doesn’t matter what methods you use, learn everything there is to about your device and you’ll be off to a great head start.

Learn From Mistakes

As a photographer, you won’t get it right all the time. Sometimes you just won’t manage to take the photos you want. But this is OK. When this happens, learn why you didn’t produce the picture you wanted and give yourself something to work on for the next time. Photography is s lot of trial and error and requires patience as you work your way up to a great shot.

Take Extra Shots

When trying to get the perfect shot, don’t just take one! Continue to take extra shots as your first one could turn out wrong. Very often, the follow-up shots produce the best results. And it is good to have extras in case there is a technical problem, such as a shot failing to execute. Don’t put down your device too quickly!

Master the Edit

The actual shooting is only one part of the experience. The editing session can be a chance to fix any mistakes or apply a certain filter to one of your shots. Whichever editing software you choose, it will be helpful to take time learning all of its features, understanding how to apply effects you’ll likely want. Editing software can be pretty comprehensive, so books, magazines and online tutorials can be very helpful to get a head start.


These tips can help beginners get off to a strong start, and as you progress as a photographer, you’ll likely pick up some other helpful tips, too. Talking to fellow photographers, whether that be via the world wide web or in person is an excellent way to learn, too! You can also have a read and learn How to Photograph Steam Trains. You will get some great information to help you out.

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No:1 ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ is seen approaching Caddaford curve working the 12.13 Caddaford to Buckfastleigh special train service on the 5th May 2019

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