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4 Top Tips On How To Build Your Photography Website

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4 Top Tips On How To Build Your Photography Website

Railway photography is a fun way to express your creativity, and there is nothing more rewarding than nailing that perfect shot.

But what do you do when the photos are taken, edited and world-ready?

Simple, display them for everyone to see.

Take a look at my own railway photos on this website to give you an idea.

Photography can be a hobby, something you are passionate about! But showcasing them on a website is a way of expanding your creative process, garnering likes, comments and followers alike; it could even propel you into the world of professional photography, allowing you to make money from your hobby.

Whatever the reason you do this, do it for you, and with the nearly endless list of platforms to choose from, getting started is always the most challenging part.

So here are 4 top tips for building your photography website.

Build a Blog

I know what your thinking ‘blogging is dead!’ well, let me tell you, it isn’t!

The blogging world is still alive and booming, and it’s the perfect way to introduce yourself to the community. Your blog will allow readers to learn all your tips, tricks, and personal advice on growing and developing themselves. And with more and more people using the internet for information, who knows, you may just go viral.

Establish a Portfolio

A portfolio is a perfect way to establish traction on your website. We as people are visual, so a website jam-packed with pictures is sure to do well; just take a look at Instagram with over 22 million users a day just on— well, photos.

Choose the best images and curate your site to your heart’s extent. Remember, people seek out perfection, so scrap those so-so shots and highlight your most incredible photos.

Become An Affiliate

Investing in the correct equipment, regardless of its cost, is essential. People want to know what works and what doesn’t; well, that’s where you come in.

As a seasoned photographer, you can recommend the technology and equipment you use to your followers. Becoming an affiliate with Amazon is the best way to do this. It doesn’t take long, and you can begin advertising immediately on your site; just select what you use, link to your website, and voila, you get a portion of the sale for something as simple as recommending.

Pick a Hosting Site That Works For You

You must choose a hosting site for your website. But there are so many to choose from, and each one offers something unique.

So how do you pick the perfect one?

A relatively dull answer is to study up and read through the terms and conditions, as well as the product offering of each site.

But from personal recommendation please below.

  1. Wix – In my opinion, the best all-rounder for website development.

  2. Squarespace – A massive variety of templates and easy to use functions.

  3. GoDaddy – The quickest and most expensive way to build a website.

  4. Weebly – Free options are their speciality, but not the most reliable.

  5. is the best option for unique standalone websites, though it takes a bit of work to get it where you want.

My Railway Photography website is based on WordPress. The theme I have on this website is Neve – Photography. I am very happy with it, it is well worth having a go.


Whether you’re looking for your next project or are looking to turn photography into a full-time job, having a website is the best option, whatever your plan. With a bit of time dedication (and perhaps a few Youtube videos along the way), you will have a polished website for your followers to engage and socialise on for many years to come.

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