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Tips For Taking Photos From a Train

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Tips for Taking Photos from a Train

Trying to take photos from inside a moving train presents some obvious challenges. But the following tips can help you to take great photos during your journey.

Find a seat at the back

Ideally, you’ll want to be sitting as far back as possible. This just makes it so much easier to capture great moments-more of the train will be in view to snap as it moves along the track.

A window seat is best

It is a more obvious point, but you will need a window seat to take the pics! If you don’t manage to get one when you first board the train don’t despair as one is bound to come free at some point.

But the best way to avoid this issue is to book a window seat ahead of time where possible.

Consider opening the windows

One of the problems with taking photos through a window is the likelihood of reflections showing up in your photos. To get around this, consider taking photos through an open window. Sometimes you’ll be on a train where the windows don’t open. All you can do then is to have your lens as close and flat to the glass as you can manage. If light is on your side and the sun glare is at a certain angle, potential reflections might not even show up once the snap is taken.

Select the right lens

Speaking of lenses, it is important to select the right one for your train photography. If you are trying to shoot wide scenic shots then a lens with no zoom is best. Depending on the type of train, you might be jerked around a bit and so shooting on a long telephoto lens can be tricky. Activating image stabilisation (if your camera has it) will help to reduce shakes from camera movement caused by the train.

Lens Photo © MPB

Increase shutter speed

Using Shutter Priority (TV) and shooting on a high shutter speed will help keep things clear. Remember, if your shutter speed is too low you won’t have the desired sharpness on the scenery and face motion blur. Ignore this step if you are after a blurry effect!

Consider sport or burst mode

Your camera’s sport or burst mode can help you shoot a good image. The burst mode in particular can be helpful as it can capture shots you might not have managed manually.

Off train opportunities!

Finally, if you have some downtime, such as a long wait at a station, you can use this chance to jump off the train and capture some pics of it from the outside view. This will allow for a nice mix of photo viewpoints when it comes to looking over your shots.


That concludes our tips on taking photos from inside a train. Hopefully you will find them useful during your next journey!

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