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Robert Sherwood Interview on Railway Photography

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Robert Sherwood is from Devon and has a great interest in railway photography. You can view his excellent photographs on his website at Robert Sherwood Photography. Robert also has some interesting train videos on his YouTube account.

1. How long have you been doing railway photography and what made you interested in it?

I’ve been photographing trains for around 25 years or so. After getting my first camera it was just a natural progression to photograph the trains as well as take the number.

2. What was your first camera you had and what do you have now?

I can’t honestly remember what my first camera was, it would have been a hand me down from my Dad. I currently have a Canon 5D Mark iv.

3. Which do you prefer to photograph, steam or diesel trains?

I’m happy to photograph both. I’m more a diesel man, but that’s the era I was brought up in.

4. I see that you take train photos and videos, which is your favourite and why?

I’m more into photography, I enjoy capturing the moment, most of the videos are taken by my Dad when he accompanies me.

5. What is your best photography tip?

Take control of your camera. Auto modes are good for beginners, but the sooner you master manual mode the better.

6. Do you have a favourite location to take your photos?

I don’t really have a favourite, living in Devon we are blessed with some fantastic scenery and it’s always nice to find somewhere off the beaten track.

7. Do you make any money from your excellent photos, if so, how?

I submit photos to magazines and have been lucky enough to have some published which has given me some pocket money. I’ve also provided photos to various companies and heritage railways over the years.

8. Can you remember what your first photo was that you had taken?

No, I’m afraid I can’t! Too long ago!

9. Have you ever had a bad day out with your camera and wished you stayed at home?

I think we’ve all had those days! It can be annoying if the light goes, something gets in the way or worse still the train doesn’t turn up, but that’s life. The good days tend to outnumber the bad.

10. What is the best railway photograph you have ever taken?

That’s a difficult question to answer, a few to choose from but I was particularly pleased with one of the images I took during an evening photo shoot on the South Devon Railway. The combination of steam, re-enactors and a drizzly evening made for an atmosphere picture that was I was very happy with.

11. Are you happy with your camera or given the chance, would you want to upgrade it?

I’m very happy with the camera, I may upgrade a lens in time, but at the moment all is good.

12. Back in your younger days, were you a train spotter and if so, are you still today?

I still take the numbers, with all the new locomotives and units there’s always something that’s required for sight.

Taken during the evening on the South Devon Railway © Rob Sherwood

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