Railway Negatives and Slides

Railway Negatives and Slides

Like many railway photographers I have a pile of old negatives and slides that I intend to change to digital photographs. By doing that it means that I can then eventually put them on my website for you all to see.

I have already started by sending some negatives to a company called ‘Mr Scan Ltd‘. The company was established in 2007 and are based in Farnham, Surrey UK. They use the latest technology and top top quality equipment that can produce high resolution images.

They have customers from all over the UK and Europe, many of them have used their service more than once. They also offer an excellent service with a great value for money. You can read on their website some of the excellent feedback given by there customers.

I am very pleased with what I have had back from them, I will soon be sending more negatives off to them. If you are looking for a company like this then I highly recommend them.

All the negatives and slides that I have got are what I took back in the middle to late1980’s. I would say about 95% of them are diesel train photos from here in South Devon.

I have hundreds of negatives, which mean that I must of had the prints at the time of getting them processed. But what annoys me most is that I can only find a small handful of them. Are they hiding in a box somewhere or did I throw them out when I gave trainspotting up in the early 1990’s? Who knows!

Have you got any negatives or slides? If so, get them scanned or printed, it will make you happy to look back at some of your old railway photographs.

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