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Don Bishop Interview

Don Bishop Interview Don Bishop is a well known professional from Somerset. On his website Don Bishop Photography you will see some excellent landscape and steam railway photographs. Don also provides ‘events and workshops’ to help you out with photography.… Read More »Don Bishop Interview

Railway Photo or Art?

Railway Photo or Art? To some, the world of photography is nothing more than a point and click action; it holds no artistic value other than the ability to take a nice picture. However, to the true artist, the medium… Read More »Railway Photo or Art?

Keith Miller Interview

Keith Miller Interview Keith Miller is well known railway photographer here in Devon for his excellent old and modern railway photographs. He has a great website ‘Keith Miller’ that shows many excellent photographs. 1. What year did you start your… Read More »Keith Miller Interview

Charles Woodland Interview

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Charles Woodland Interview Charles Woodland loves taking railway photographs. On his nice website ‘Charles Woodland’ you will see many great photographs he has taken, well worth a look. . 1. What year did you start your railway photography and how… Read More »Charles Woodland Interview