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5 Reasons Why Railway Photography is a Great Hobby

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5 Reasons Why Railway Photography is a Great Hobby

Photography is not just merely capturing a shot or taking a selfie but something interesting that makes people serious, have fun, and enjoy every click. The reason behind taking photography so seriously maybe because people don’t get great photos at first—maybe it is the brightness or the color that is imbalanced or perhaps, the light didn’t pass correctly through the lenses. Whatever the causes, photography is indeed fun and it creates a cheerful atmosphere. In this article, we are going to discuss five prior reasons why railway photography is so interesting.

Photography helps to keep records of memories

Pressing the shutter allows to you capture every special moment regarding the events, time, and places so that you can keep track of those moments and share it with your friends and family—long after the journey is over. Looking back to your picture will help you to return to that rail track and grab the moments, even when the memories begin to blur or may have already been faded and the event is long gone.

Allows to learn a new skill which is good for the brain

Researches shows, doing a job that requires thinking improves our brain to function properly. The more thinking you need to do, the more your brain benefits. In photography, you have so many things to learn—the science behind light passing, the functions of a camera, trying out new moves and angles to capture differently, and so on. You get a chance to apply all this stuff while taking photos of trains.

Photo Details:

BR Rebuilt Light Pacific 4-6-2 No: 34046 ‘Braunton’ and GWR Castle Class 4-6-0 No: 5029 ‘Nunney Castle’ are seen climbing Hemerdon Bank working the 1Z66 09.02 Penzance to London Victoria ‘The Atlantic Coast Express’ tour on the 8th September 2014

Beneficial for your health and mind

Not only does your brain benefit from photography but your body does too. Though all forms of photography don’t require strenuous exercise, rail photography can keep you busy with plenty of physical and mental activities. Heritage rail journeys will let you experience the beauties of the landscapes as well as feel the rhythm of nature.

Opportunity to interact with new people

Photography is the simplest way to get acquainted with so many people of different types, classes, and cultures within a very short period since meeting new people during photographic adventures is quite obvious. For instance, you might seek locals for information—and they’ll end up giving you that as well as other informative facts which are merely impossible for you to know.

Photographing rail tours, you will also come close to a community of the same interest, and that feeling can’t be described in words. Engaging with people can ensure a powerful and emotional connection.

Develop a unique working style that is exclusively yours

People sometimes even can’t think of how crazy a railway photographer might go to capture a precious moment. No matter how passionate you are about your work, with photography you can almost do all kinds of crazy stuff to show your creativity. You might find it hard at first but know for sure, photography is a lively experience thing that knows no bound. And, a railway photo is beyond that experience and craziness. Slowly you will start to feel that the way you think and act in a manner that’s likely to be limited only to you. Thus, you will develop a unique style of your own.


Photography adds great value to life. By keeping a memory of your special train photography, you can have the experience one step above. Even a rail tour allows you to engage with people of the same and different kinds allowing you to find the meaning of lives and thus create an unforgettable experience on your memory. Photography is not just a mere hobby but something more that offers you to have a lot of creative experience, cheerful expressions, and technical expertise. You can start as a railway photographer even if you are limited to the camera on your phone.

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