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Photograph It Before It’s Too Late

Photograph It Before It’s Too Late!

A photograph can tell a thousand words, but it’s much more than that. A picture is a moment in time captured forever.

As the world grows and expands, we lose and gain some incredible train depots, signal box and station buildings. It is impressive feats of engineering and moments that are lost forever except in the minds of only a few.

And that is where photography comes in; with pictures, we can do a lot; we re-live moments precious to us, re-live memories of stations and other items, and preserve the world we once lived in for many generations.

Here are the top three reasons you should take that railway photograph before it’s too late.

Capture one-in-a-lifetime Moments

The unfortunate reality of life is that it passes way too quickly, and often, you don’t realise how much the railway changes around you until it’s too late, unless you have proof of it before!

Capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments on film or in the form of photographs shows you how the railway has changed and preserves your memories of the past and places as you remember them.

That building that once stood tall and proud on the station may not be there forever, leaving this once-in-a-lifetime moment to capture it before it’s gone forever.

Preserve Memories Of The Past

Captured memories are only as valuable as the way we preserve them. Pictures offer us a great way to protect our memories, but we need to do it right. If not, what was the point of even taking the photo, to begin with?

That is why the best way to preserve photographs is in print form. It’s up to you how you choose to display them, but they must be proudly at all points.

So you see, there is nothing worse than taking a beautiful photo, taking the time to print and then hiding it away for the world never to see. Instead, display them with honour and pride around your home, on your website, or even send them off to historians, libraries, and places where they can stand the test of time and educate the world on what they used to be.

Photo Authenticate The World

As the adage goes, “seeing is believing”, or “quote the new trend “, What’s your proof? A photo is the present’s eyes in the past. The only accurate way of understanding history is through photography; let’s face it, most – if not of all us- have moments and experiences from the past we would love to capture and look back on with fond memories.

Pictures are the perfect medium for this. Sharing a story about the past train ride and how the present trains come to be is a fun and engaging way of authenticating what used to be and displaying its evolution. Not only that, your actively adding to human history and having fun taking the best shots in the process.


Photographs are a nostalgic centrepiece of our lives. The joy they bring is almost invaluable to our past and present experience.

Imagine the difference in the railways around us in the next ten years, and not only be able to say how different it was but also show the next generation its reality.

Take that picture now, before everything changes, and it’s too late!

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