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Photograph all Trains

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Photograph all Trains

Back in the late 1970’s I started my train spotting hobby. Like most youngsters back then we all loved it.

In 1983 at the age of 14 I brought my first camera and started my railway photography. The camera was a second hand Zenit – E, with a 50mm lens and cost me £50. Back then that was a lot of money for a teenager!

Today I have been going through my colour, black and white negatives and slides that I had kept from the 80’s. Some that I look at I say to myself ‘Gosh I remember that’! I do eventually intend to get them all scanned to a digital photo.

There is one type of train that I do not have that many negatives or slides of. That was the InterCity 125 (HST) when it was in its lovely original yellow and blue colour.

Why? I remember back in those days I use to get fed up with seeing so many InterCitys 125 (HST). I did enjoy going on them to travel to different stations etc. But down here in the Southwest, I saw to many most days.

For me, being a massive train spotter at this time, these trains were not worth train spotting for.

The main trains I wanted to collect the numbers from where all the other ones.

Now I wish I did take more photos of that class of trains. Yes, I do have some, but not as many in its original colour that I wished I had. I often wish I could go back to those days and see all those trains again.

Today when I am out waiting to photograph a rail tour, I always take pictures of all the other trains that I see. Even if I am not that keen on it!


I cannot remember if these two photographs were taken with the Zenit – E camera or another type.

I used to try many different cameras back then before staying with the Canon make.

Photo Details:

InterCity 125 No: 43191 is seen approaching Totnes station during the 1980’s

Photo Details:

InterCity 125 No: 43002 at Totnes station in the 1980’s


So, today make sure that you photograph all the trains that you see. Otherwise, you will regret not having taken any or not that many of a train class that you are not very keen on. Ten, Twenty years time when that class disappears you would have wished like me, that you did photograph them.

If you wished you had taken more photos of a certain train class when you were younger, please feel free to let me know what class and why, thank you.

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