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My Top 5 Diesel Trains

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My Top 5 Diesel Trains

Today I like to see and photograph most of the modern diesel trains. But to be honest, I prefer the diesels that I saw back in 1970’s and 1980’s.

I have many diesel train photos in my collection, and I will eventually put them on my website for you all to see.

Today, it is great to see some classic diesels preserved on many heritage railways. There are even a few that are still running on the mainline.

Wherever the old classic trains are I love to go and see them. They bring back many memories to me from my trainspotting days from the late 70’s to the early 90’s.

My list of my favourite diesel trains

Class 50

The ‘Hoover’ is my number one, I love the style and sound of it. Back in the 1980’s I remember going crazy once I had seen all 50 of the class. Although I did become sad at seeing a line of scrapped 50’s at Laira depot.

Photo Details: 50009 and 50005 are seen at Exeter St Davids working the 11:45 London Paddington to Plymouth service on the 19th August 1984

Class 45

Every morning during the week back in the early 1980’s I use to wait around for the 08.50 Royal Mail train before going to school. Nearly every time it had a ‘Peak’ hauling it.

Class 55

The size and power of a ‘Deltic’ is just amazing. I never saw these awesome trains running during the BR days. I am pleased though that I have had the chance to see them on rail tours and some of the preserved railways.

Class 40

I remember seeing my first ‘Whistler’ 40152 at Severn Tunnel Junction in the early 1980’s. I was amazed at its power and the look of it.

Diesel trains, modern diesel trains

Photo Details:

47593 and 47614 is seen climbing Rattery Bank working the 1Z23 06:06 York to Penzance ‘Cornish Explorer Statesman Day’ tour on the 23rd September 2022

Class 47

Class 47’s was probably the most common type of diesel train I saw every day when trainspotting here in Devon.


On all five of my favourite class of diesels I prefer the standard BR blue livery (also Class 50 large logo). Some other colours are OK but given the choice it has to be the original.

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What do you think of my favourite diesel trains then? If you wish, you can let me know what your favourites are.

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