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My Most Popular Railway Photograph

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My Most Popular Railway Photograph

If you put one of your latest railway photographs on social media, you will hope that people will like it. I have just recently done this, and I was surprised at the results within a week.

The photograph below is what I took on the 30th August 2021 and I put it on Facebook exactly seven days ago.

On my Facebook page, Colin Wallace Photography the following photograph at present seems to be my most popular in 2021.

The latest information for this photograph is…….




This might not seem a lot for some, but for me, it is and I am really pleased with it.

Photo Details:

The Midland Pullman HST 43046+43055 is seen passing Goodrington beach working the 1Z50 0636 Peterborough to King swear ‘Devonian Pullman’ tour on the 30th August 2021. 

Thank you to all those who did make this the most popular railway photo on my Facebook page this year.

This is the second time I had seen this very nice-looking Midland Pullman HST. I photographed it at Dawlish early this year. I went to Goodrington Bank on the Dartmouth Steam Railway to photograph this rail tour, as it is my favorite location on this heritage railway. When I was there, I was not the only one!

So, I wonder then why do people like this training photo so much?

Is it because of the Pullman HST? Probably yes, otherwise I would not have had so many ‘likes’ on


What about the location? Well, I have put many on Facebook that I have taken at Goodrington and some have had nowhere near this number of figures.

Maybe there are naked people on the beach in the background, who knows! I bet someone will now go and have another good look at the photo!

I must admit that I do like this photograph although I am not sure that it is the best one that I have taken there. Nearly everything just seems to be right on it, the HST, colour, background, and view.

The only disappointing thing about this photo was the lack of sun. But for me, I am still pleased with how the photo came out after putting it through Photoshop.


So, why do you think this railway photograph is very popular on my Facebook page then? 

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