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Getting Started With Railway Photography?

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Getting Started With Railway Photography? Here’s What You Need To Know

Getting your foot in the door of railway photography can be a daunting task. You want to create the best images ever seen and marvel at the splendour of your creative talents, but you have no clue where to start!

Well, you’re in luck!

Below is a simple yet effective strategy for taking your first steps in the world of railway photography. Keep reading to discover the top tips to getting started with railway photography; keep at it, and you’ll be snapping print-worthy pictures in no time!

Research – Research – Research!

Before you can set out on the road and start snapping those perfect envy-inducing images, you must first do your research. It’s all well and good having the skills to work a camera, but taking that picture on a cloudy grey day or missing the locomotive altogether due to lack of research!

Practice makes perfect!

Jumping straight into picture mode is both fun and a terrible idea. Practice makes perfect; before you can begin to take the image you’ve always wanted, the first port of call is to start small. Take some time to take pictures of electric trains during the day, adjusting the settings on your camera and working with the natural light before changing exposure rate or composition. Do this for a couple of weeks, and you’ll be well on your way to taking those highly coveted steam train masterpieces.

Pre-sets will cut your time in half!

Setting up your camera in advance will save you time, energy, and, most importantly, your sanity! For example, selecting a fast shutter speed will give a blurred effect on slower motion shots; this dramatically improves the impact of speed through the image or utilising your camera’s AI Servo function to achieve sharp photos. These are pre-set’s that can be vital to capturing that perfect shot because the train will pass you by in a matter of seconds, and the opportunity gone with it!

Understand your equipment

Better equipment doesn’t always mean better photos; having the best equipment and not knowing how to use it will only produce subpar photographs at best! The point of purchasing camera equipment is to improve each image’s quality; for example, Macro lenses are perfect for close-up shots but terrible for live-action photos. A tripod is irreplaceable regarding extended exposure and regular image taking, but when the heat is on and the object is fast-moving, you need quick reflexes to get the image just right.


We all want to take incredible photos, and the world of steam train photography is both fun and adventurous, offering unparalleled views and the ultimate satisfaction when you land that perfect shot. However, if you are to get the best results, you must put in the time and effort, test and tinker with your equipment, practice your style and prepare for every eventuality; only then will you be ready to master the world of railway photography.

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