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Get popular by adding your best railway photos on Social Media

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Get popular by adding your best railway photos on Social Media

The world of social media is vast! With over 4.62 billion people flocking to social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Tick Tock daily, it’s easy to see why old media is struggling to keep up.

There are many reasons we take to social media; the primary reason is to be social, but it goes much deeper than that. Some wish to make a name for themselves and create a space devoted to their art, from paintings to sculpture and the one type of art that transcends them all — photography.

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No one is saying that you will become uber-famous instantly from posting a single photo. But, with the user count in billions, you have to stand out from the crowd. So taking a fantastic picture isn’t enough anymore. If you follow these tips, you’ll begin your journey to advance your followers on social media and turn your hobby into a community of like-minded people.

(It’s easier than you think!)

Photo Details:

LNER Class A4 No: 60007 ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’ with 47712 on the rear is seen at Goodrington Sands on the Dartmouth Steam Railway working the 1Z27 07.40 Slough to Kingswear ‘English Riviera Express’ tour on the 3rd June 2023

1. Post Purposefully and Add Value

Posting a good picture is a great place to start. However, there needs to be more to it — posting for the sake of posting will get you nowhere in the long run.

Before you post, ask yourself, ‘what’s the purpose of this post?

  • Is it to educate people on your journey?

  • Is it to inform those about your equipment and camera specs?

  • Is it to document the history or celebrate its creation?

Whatever the reason, there must be a tale that will engage others in your post, a nice picture is nice, but a story brings people along in your unique journey.

2. Unique content

No two people are ever alike (as the saying goes). Meaning you have a story to tell from a perspective like no other.

Use this to your advantage; taking the same old shot of a train passing over a track may look aesthetically pleasing, but does it capture the story you’re trying to tell on your social media?

For Example

If you know a specific train class is to be retired in the future, one image could convey either sadness or greatness. Sure the train is passing by in a blazing moment of glory, which may seem significant, but what about the other side as it sits alone and unused, telling a more solum story of past and history.

Your image’s context depends on your unique ability to tell a story through pictures; use it to your advantage!

3. Socialise

Social media is powerful, and those on it are there for one thing — to be social.

Fame and glory will always come second to the fulfilment of creating a community. However, with your followers and friends, you will find popularity is what you make of it, and even with a hundred people liking and commenting, that is enough to spread the joy of your effort and artistic creation.

4. A bit of flair

Showing some flair in your artwork is a way of putting your stamp on it. Think of it as a hidden watermark; you know it’s yours when you see it.

But it extends to the captions you include. Let’s face it, ‘This is a picture I took.’ It is not as engaging as, ‘Before you is the last of its kind, a dying model in the rise of its electric overlords!’

Sure, it may seem wacky or silly, but words are important, and people want to be entertained with your spectacular image and fantastic personality.

5. Consistency is vital

People love consistency; it is a fact of the world we can’t deny. That’s why posting regularly is the perfect way of growing your audience and following.

Regular doesn’t mean daily. Posting every day can be difficult, time-consuming, and lead to creative burnout; even one post a week is enough to gain momentum. Sure, you won’t pass the finishing line first, but remember, this is a marathon — not a sprint!


To grow takes time, patience, testing out new ways of promoting yourself and being open to meeting new people. Remember the saying, build it, and they will come. That’s only possible with the proper foundation; otherwise, it can all come tumbling down like a house of cards.

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