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About me

Railway photography has been a passion of mine for many years. I enjoy taking photographs of all types of trains as a hobby but my main interest is taking steam trains photos that most railway enthusiast seem to love.

My own personal journey started back in 1979 when I was 11 years old. At this time being a ‘trainspotter’ was very popular for many and I became captivated by it. Watching and tracking these amazing trains, imagining their journeys and the people onboard ignited something within me.

I was excited to see diesel trains but gradually the whole railway line started to open up to me.

In 1983/84 I had my first camera and started taking photographs of trains.

In 1990 I gave up train spotting, I was more interested in my new job, going to pubs and buying different cars.

As I grew and began to understand more about the UK railway, the more I became fascinated by it. I started to capture the trains coming into view with my camera, not just my note-book.

With one click, my passion for railway photography was born. By now it was 1983 and, with my trusty camera in hand, the catalyst for this site had started.

I was learning how to correctly take railway photos in the best possible light available. I was slowly beginning to master this art-form and my abilities were improving all the time.

Throughout my teenage years, I began to travel outside of my local area to capture increasingly varied subject matter. I was soon travelling all over the UK to see and record the most iconic locomotives. Whilst my train-spotting started to end, my love for photography had grown exponentially.

Nowadays, I spend a lot of time on two of the picturesque heritage railways here in Devon. The South Devon Railway and the Dartmouth Steam Railway.

Although my initial love of diesel locomotives has given way to the magnificence of steam locos. I still pride myself on capturing these incredible machines in their true environment, rolling along the tracks of this magnificent country.

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