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On this site you will discover a wonderful collection of railway photographs of both steam and diesel trains. They are taken on the mainline and two heritage railways, South Devon Railway and Dartmouth Steam Railway here in South Devon.

All railway galleries are updated regularly. Please keep coming back to see my latest railway photos or add this site to your favourites.

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All train photos on this site are available for sale. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Railway Blog

There are plenty blog posts to read and learn about taking great railway photographs.

How to Photograph Steam Trains is the most popular article on my railway blog. Hopefully it will help you learn how to get a decent photograph of your favourite steam loco.


The railway photos are taken on the mainline and two heritage railways here in South Devon.

Dartmouth Steam Railway    Mainline Diesel Train Photos  South Devon Railway

Mainline Diesel Train Photos  South Devon Railway  Mainline Steam Train Photos

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Colin Wallace



Railway photography has been a passion of mine for many years. I enjoy taking photographs of all types of trains as a hobby but my main interest is taking steam trains photos that most railway enthusiast seem to love.

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